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Database of Chromosome Aberrations and Gene Fusions in Cancer

The Database of Chromosome Aberrations and Gene Fusions in Cancer, established in 1980, is an attempt to register systematically all published cytogenetic aberrations reported in cancer, including patient and tumor characteristics, gene fusions identified by cytogenetics or massively parallel sequencing, and studies pertaining to the clinical relevance of cytogenetic aberrations and/or gene rearrangements. The information is freely available ( as an integrated component of the Cancer Genomics Cloud (CGC) – a flexible and powerful platform for cancer genomics research initiated and sponsored by the US National Cancer Institute (NCI).

The database represents a unique international resource that enables clinicians to quickly find relevant information on cytogenetic aberrations and gene fusions in cancer and relate the findings to clinical data, in particular the diagnostic and prognostic significance of specific cytogenetic/genomic changes. The continuously updated material also makes it possible to address scientific questions related to the mechanisms through which chromosomal/genomic changes participate in the carcinogenic process by elucidating why, how and when chromosome abnormalities are formed, the chromosomal anatomy of cytogenetic changes and genes involved in fusions, the role chromosome aberrations play in the formation of fusion genes, and the mechanisms by which gene fusions exert their effects.

Recent publications

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