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Järås' Research Group


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With a basis in stem cell biology, genetics, immunology and cancer, the major goal of our research is to develop new immunotherapies that target leukemia and other malignancies. To achieve this goal, we work on the following projects:

•    Identifying immune evasion mechanisms in cancer. 
•    Development of therapeutic antibodies directed to novel targets.
•    Development of CAR-macrophages for cancer treatment.

Successful completion of these projects will identify new therapeutic targets in acute myleoid leukemia (AML) and expand our knowledge regarding how cancer cells evade the immune system, findings that may translate into new therapeutic opportunities.

Selected publications

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Combined GLUT1 and OXPHOS inhibition eliminates acute myeloid leukemia cells by restraining their metabolic activity. Maria Rodriguez Zabala, Ramprasad Ramakrishnan, Katrin Reinbach, Somadri Ghosh, Leal Oburoglu, Ton Falqués, Kishan Bellamkonda, Mats Ehinger, Pablo Peña-Martínez, Noelia Puente-Moncada, Henrik Liljebjörn, Jörg Cammenga, Cornelius Jan Pronk, Vladimir Lazarevic, Thoas Fioretos, Anna Hagström-Andersson, Niels-Bjarne Woods, Marcus Järås. Blood Advances. 2023. 7 (18): 5382-5359. IF:7.6

IL4 promotes phagocytosis of murine leukemia cells counteracted by CD47 upregulation. Pablo Peña-Martínez, Ramprasad Ramakrishnan, Carl Högberg, Caroline Jansson, David Gisselsson Nord, and Marcus Järås. Haematologica. 2022 Apr 1;107(4):816-824

In vivo CRISPR screening identifies an essential role for CXCR4 in MLL-AF9 driven acute myeloid leukemia independently of CXCL12.Ramprasad Ramakrishnan, Pablo Peña-Martínez, Puneet Agarwal, Carl Högberg, Marion Chapellier, Mansi Shah, Björn Nilsson, Benjamin L Ebert, Ravi Bhatia and Marcus Järås. Cell Reports, 2020 May 26;31(8):107684.

Arrayed molecular barcoding identifies TNFSF13 as a positive regulator of acute myeloid leukemia-initiating cells. Marion Chapellier, Pablo Peña-Martínez, Ramprasad Ramakrishnan, Mia Eriksson, Merhrnaz Safaee Talkhoncheh, Christina Orsmark-Pietras, Henrik Liljebjörn, Carl Högberg, Thoas Fioretos, Jonas Larsson, and Marcus Järås. Haematologica, 2019 Oct;104(10):2006-2016.

Interleukin 4 induces apoptosis of acute myeloid leukemia cells in a Stat6-dependent manner. Pablo Peña Martínez, Mia Eriksson, Ramprasad Ramakrishnan, Marion Chapellier, Carl Högberg, Christina Orsmark-Pietras, Johan Richter, Anna Andersson, Thoas Fioretos, and Marcus Järås. Leukemia, 2018 Mar;32(3):588-596.

IL1RAP antibodies block IL-1-induced expansion of candidate CML stem cells and mediate cell killing in xenograft models. Helena Ågerstam, Nils Hansen, Sofia von Palffy, Carl Sandén, Kristian Reckzeh, Christine Karlsson, Henrik Lilljebjörn, Niklas Landberg, Maria Askmyr, Carl Högberg, Marianne Rissler, Kimmo Porkka, Hans Wadenvik, Satu Mustjoki, Johan Richter, Marcus Järås#, Thoas Fioretos# Blood. 2016 Dec 8;128(23):2683-2693

#Co-senior authors.

Core Circadian Clock Genes Regulate Leukemia Stem Cells in AML.Puram RV, Kowalczyk MS, de Boer CG, Schneider RK, Miller PG, McConkey M, Tothova Z, Tejero H, Heckl D, Järås M, Chen MC, Li H, Tamayo A, Cowley GS, Rozenblatt-Rosen O, Al-Shahrour F, Regev A, Ebert BL. Cell. 2016 Apr 7;165(2):303-16.

Antibodies Targeting IL1RAP Show Strong In Vivo Therapeutic Effects and Exhibit a Dual Mode of Action in Acute Myeloid Leukemia.Helena Ågerstam, Christine Karlsson, Nils Hansen, Maria Askmyr, Sofia von Palffy, Carl Högberg, Marianne Rissler, Mark Wunderlich, Gunnar Juliusson, Johan Richter, Kjell Sjöström, Ravi Bhatia, James C Mulloy, Marcus Järås#, Thoas Fioretos# Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2015 Aug 25;112(34):10786-91

#Co-senior authors.

Full publication list


One spin-out company has been established as a result of our research.

Cantargia AB

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Marcus Järås

Marcus Järås
Associate Professor, Senior Lecturer, PhD

Department of Laboratory Medicine
Division of Clinical Genetics
SE-221 84 Lund

+46 46 222 69 96
Email: marcus [dot] jaras [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se


Research group members
Nils Hansen, postdoc
Somadri Ghosh, postdoc
Ramprasad Ramakrishnan, postdoc
Josephine Ohrt Jensen, research engineer
Katrin Reinbach, biomedical scientist